Erik Avery

Erik Avery was born in San Diego California

Grew up in a suburb known as Poway California 92064.

Went to UCSC for college and graduated from CSUSM

With  a BS degree in Kinesiology Emphasis Physical Therapy .

This was to be a far cry from what was to be his career path.

To date Erik has Established 6 companies.

Future project

  • Developing software for
  • Nightlife and Events industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Auto Parts Industry
  • Medical Staffing Industry
  • Development of a new outlet for younger generations
  • Perusing a degree in Software engineering
  • Building a corporation
  • Creation of a non profit organization for domestic animals
  • Creation of mobile applications such as uber and lyft


  • Faith
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Work
  • Helping small business go from A-Z using his experience in the new technology driven world that is evolving daily.

Special Thanks To

  • Lynne Avery for believing in me giving me endless motherly love, faith and guidance.
  • Stevenson Moore III for being a remodeling the responsibilities of a Man, Husband, Father, Grand Father and professional.
  • Louis Barcus for the genetic entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Jean Avery for being a ray of sunshine in my life.
  • My Uncles for advice, camaraderie and friendship
  • My Aunts for putting up with my uncles ( Just Kidding)
  • Lonnie Avery being a loving father and friend.

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Experience 15 years of building businesses. 

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